Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sectioning Teeth

When patients need teeth extracted, they can count on Chapel Street Dental. Although it is always our desire to prevent a tooth from needing to be removed, there are times when the wisdom teeth threaten the push all the other teeth out of alignment. To make their removal easier, we sometimes cut them into sections.

The wisdom teeth are the largest teeth and have multiple roots clinging to strong ligaments. Teeth are usually removed by being rocked back and forth while being pushed with an elevator tool or grasped with forceps, but this may not work with wisdom teeth. Yanking them may require an unsafe amount of force and they may be caught under the gum line. Instead, they are cut into sections using a dental drill. The patient is numb during this and the incision site is bathed in water continuously to prevent it from overheating. When the teeth have been broken up, they may be lifted out with less force and without incisions needing to be made into the gum line. There is also less risk of a tooth breaking accidentally.

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