Friday, December 8, 2017

Seniors and Tooth Decay

Chapel Street Dental in New Haven is here to provide for the oral health needs of people of all ages, including seniors. Many people know that children are the age group that is most at-risk for tooth decay; most dental hygiene educational materials are aimed at them and discuss how sugar can cause teeth to become abscessed and develop cavities. But lots of people don’t know how common untreated dental decay is in seniors. The Center for Disease Control estimates the frequency is one in five.

There could be many reasons for this. Some seniors become forgetful or have difficulty brushing and flossing because their hands are less dexterous. Some are suffering from dry mouth as a side effect of medication and don’t produce enough saliva to wash away food debris or maintain their teeth’s protective membranes. They may have also switched to softer foods which get trapped in their teeth more easily or stopped getting cleanings as regularly if their dental coverage was reduced.

What most seniors have in common is that their oral health was not always as bad as it is now, implying they know the importance of oral hygiene but are unable to maintain it. The good news is that we can help with all of these problems. Our services start at low prices and we can direct our patients to superior home dental products that will compensate for other problems they may be experiencing.

Chapel Street Dental is located at 806 Chapel St, New Haven, Connecticut, 06510. To schedule an appointment, call 203-772-1000 or visit and fill out a contact form.


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