Thursday, November 9, 2017

Basics of Dentures

When patients need major restorative work done, dentures are an important option to consider. At Chapel Street Dental, we understand that the decision to get dentures is a major one, but we want to assure patients that with the new technology in our office, dentures are a comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing solution to major tooth problems.

Dentures are divided among partials and full. Partials will only replace some of the teeth in an arch and clasp onto ones on either side, while full dentures replace all of the teeth in an arch. Natural teeth have to be reshaped for a partial denture to clasp them and removed to make room for a full denture.

Immediate dentures are temporary devices used during the period in between extraction and the manufacture of the permanent full denture. An impression of the patient’s mouth will be taken at an appointment prior to the extractions, and the immediate denture will be ready once extractions are complete. The immediate denture is not a permanent solution because the gums will drastically change shape in the absence of their natural teeth, and the permanent dentures will be made based on an impression of the healed gums. The gums will continue to change shape throughout the patient’s life, requiring the dentures to be adjusted from time to time.

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