Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dental Sealants

Almost half of all children and adolescents in the United States have had cavities in their permanent teeth.  At Chapel Street Dental, our doctors apply sealants to young patients in order to preserve the tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. Adults also benefit from sealants, and they will last for years.  Consult with us if you think a sealant could be the solution for you.

Most tooth decay in children and teenagers occurs on the chewing surfaces of molars, where the pits and grooves trap food and bacteria Molars first come in at around 5-7 years of age, with a second set coming in between the ages of 11-14.  The best time to have a sealant placed is when the molars first come in to ensure they are protected early.  Sealants are a plastic resin that is applied to surfaces of these molars like paint. When applied, it fills any pits and grooves on the surface and then hardens. Now the surface is protected from bits of food being stuck, so bacteria cannot multiply and cause decay, and tooth enamel is protected from plaque and acids.  Sealants can effectively prevent cavities for up to ten years and can be reapplied.

To learn more about sealants and all the services we provide at our practice, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Chapel Street Dental in New Haven, CT, call 203-772-1000.

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